What’s a Meaghan?

There’s no good way to write a blurby introduction about myself without sounding like a falsely-modest smug asshole, because I have one of those jobs that on paper sounds really awesome and is, in reality, also pretty awesome. I also have a great dane, which again – super neat. The tattoos, of course, are cool for now, although I’ve been told by many an older person that I’ll regret them, so check back.

But really, I like to write lists and I probably think too much about the future. I enjoy scientific studies that support my level of coffee consumption and I’m really good at making pastry (cold hands). I ride a bike very slowly, have poor proprioception, and don’t like to sleep in. My idea of a good time involves reading, cooking and baking multiple things at the same time, and trying to exercise enough to justify the excessive food consumption. I can be counted on to correct people when they use gendered pronouns, a habit that I consider endearing and I’m pretty sure everyone else considers highly annoying.

Most of what you’ll find here is a variant of the random and slightly neurotic ramblings that I’ve been cataloguing in some kind of log book or website since I could awkwardly grip a pen in my pudgy fist (and I mean, when I write, people think I’m  just holding a pen in my fist. It’s weird).


Obviously, this blog is my own and doesn’t represent the opinion of my workplace, employer, the taxpayers, the Queen of England, or really, even me sometimes.


7 thoughts on “What’s a Meaghan?

  1. Can I just say that your dog is the cutest! His name is ingenious. LOVE. I quite agree that they are adorable together. I bet you guys make such a precious little fam.

    • meaghan says:

      Thanks! We are a pretty hilarious-looking bunch; that thing about having dogs that look like you is definitely true! We’re all just really tall and clumsy basically.

  2. Evie says:

    Found you here through APW – I am really excited/envious about your future diplomatic endeavors!

    My dude and I are trying to do development work overseas, hopefully in francophone Africa in the next few years.

  3. Meagan Hanes says:

    So lovely to have e-met you today, looking forward to reading your adventures in the future!

  4. Khalid Jarrar says:


    I know this is not easy to believe but I actually found you while googling “perfect steak in Amman”. Don’t ask me, ask google!

    Welcome to Amman and we hope you enjoy the city!

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