Book update

I keep forgetting to update my list of books, and have subsequently forgotten some of the books I read, but I mean to try and keep writing them down. I read The Luminaries, which was beautiful but had an unsatisfying ending, and I read Americanah, which was terrific.

I convinced Eric to read The Dinner, which was one of those amazing takes-place-in-one-evening stories, because when I read it I knew he’d love it.

I read We Need New Names by NoViolet Bulawayo, which was very good, but couldn’t get into Dissident Gardens.

I also reread Notes from a Small Island, MaddAdam, the Wolf of Wall Street, and Ghostwritten (again). That brings me to 116 books, although I think I’m forgetting a few.

I’ve been reading a lot more since we moved overseas (slow internet and lots of transatlantic flights!) so I’m going to step it up and try and read 100 books in 2014. We’ll see how that goes!

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2 thoughts on “Book update

  1. I am super impressed. But how do you make sure your TV gets watched?

    Seriously, though, this may be a dumb question but when do you read? I always think of it as a before-bed activity, and then am usually too tired.

    • meaghan says:

      Usually after dinner. I don’t read every night but when I do I tend to not do anything else (I’m the same way with Downton Abbey DVDs).

      I’m also annoyingly fast at reading, which has caused my ebooks bill to skyrocket this year as I no longer have a library at my disposal.

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